Red Dry wine


Bottling year





0.75 l

The premium quality dry red wine is made by the traditional method from the Saperavi grapes grown at Chelti vineyards.  The vineyard locates at the bottom of the Caucasus range – on the rocks deposited by river Chelti. In August, unripe grapes get harvested in the Chelti vineyards. As a result, 5-6 tons of grapes get collected per hectare. The harvested grapes distinguish by sharp taste and a variety of aromas.

The wine gets stored in cisterns for three years, then gets bottled unfiltered. The bottles are stored and aged in a specific cellar. Dark ruby-colored wine Chelti Reserve has dominant aromas of black currant, wild berries, and cherries. Wine does not lose its unique characteristics after a few days of opening.

Serve with fried meat, cheese, and spicy dishes. You can enjoy it without a meal as well.

Serve at the following decanting temperature: 16 ° C – 18 ° C.