Red Dry Wine

Chelti of Qvevri

Bottling year





0.75 l

The premium quality dry red wine is made by the traditional method from the Saperavi grapes grown at Chelti vineyards.  Grapes end up in a qvevri after harvesting. Fermentation goes without interference, and after that, wine ages on Chacha. It stores in a qvevri for one more year and then gets bottled. Bottles are stored and aged in a specific cellar where the temperature all year round does not exceed 12-16 degrees (which is ideal for storing wine).

The wine has a dark ruby ​​color and tones of tannins, dried cherries, and black currant. Wine does not lose its unique characteristics after a few days of opening.

Serve with fried meat, cheese, and spicy dishes.

Consumption temperature: 16 ° C – 18 ° C.