Red Dry Wine


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0.75 l

The premium quality dry red wine is made by the traditional method from the Saperavi grapes grown at Chelti vineyards.  The vineyard locates at the bottom of the Caucasus range – on the rocks deposited by river Chelti. In August, unripe grapes get harvested in the Chelti vineyards. As a result, 5-6 tons of grapes get collected per hectare. The harvested grapes distinguish by sharp taste and a variety of aromas.

The fermentation process goes according to a plan previously selected by Chelti winemakers to avoid loss of wine flavors and varietal characteristics. The wine gets stored in cisterns for two years, then gets bottled. Bottles are stored and aged in a specific cellar where the temperature all year round does not exceed 12-16 degrees (which is ideal for storing wine).

The wine has a dark cherry color, aromas of blackberry, cherry, and black plum, the favor of blueberry, and tones of blackberry and cherry. Wine does not lose its unique characteristics after a few days of opening.

Serve with fried meat, cheese, and spicy dishes. You can enjoy it without a meal as well. Consumption temperature: 16 ° C – 18 ° C.