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Chelti Winery

The story of Chelti Winery begins in the 20th century. In the 1900s, the ancestors of Mirianashvili built one of the biggest wine cellars at that time in the Shilda village. 

Since then, winemaking and viticulture have been an inseparable activity for the Mirianashvili family.

Wine From Georgia

საფერავი The premium quality dry red wine is made by the traditional method from the Saperavi grapes grown at Chelti vineyards. The wine has a dark cherry color, aromas of blackberry, cherry, and black plum, and tones of blueberry, blackberry, and cherry.

Serve with fried meat, cheese, and spicy dishes. You can enjoy it without a meal as well.

CHELTI Alcohol 13.0% Volume 0.75 l Bottling year 2008 Red Dry wine
ქისი ქვევრის Wine is made of Kisi grapes in a qvevri with the Kakhetian method.
The wine has a light amber color. It has the aroma of pear, honey, and spices, integrated with tannins and acidity.
Serve with white meat, fish, and vegetables. Taste at a temperature of 12-14 C.
KISI OF QVEVRI Alcohol 13.0% Volume 0.75 l Bottling year 2019 White Dry Wine
საფერავი ქვევრის The wine is made from Saperavi grapes grown in Chelti vineyards. The wine has aged in Qvevri for six months and in French oak barrels for 12 months.
This wine has a characteristic aroma, with tones of ripe berries, plums, and tobacco. The taste of tannins blends perfectly with oak tones and has a long finish.
SAPERAVI OF QVEVRI Alcohol 14.5% Volume 0.75 l Bottling year 2017 Red Dry Wine
თეთრი მუხის White dry wine is made from the best quality Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane grapes. Wine has aged in French oak barrels for 12 months.
The color of the wine is slenderly golden. It has apple, lime, and vanilla aromas and tropical fruit tones. The wine has a balanced, long-lasting finish.
CHELTI WHITE Alcohol 14.0% Volume 0.75 l Bottling year 2018 White Dry Wine


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